Bookshelves Organisation

There was a time when I didn’t pay any attention to the way I kept books on my shelves. I just put them one after the other as I acquired them, took them off to read, and put them back up again wherever there was space available. However, as their numbers kept on increasing, I established some rules in order to achieve some kind of organisation, which is not perfect yet, but was the best I could do with the little space I had and still have to store books.

The first rule I follow is to keep read and non-read books apart. This way I am always sure about the books I am yet to read. While I just keep my non-read books on a pile at random, my read books are more neatly organised. My golden rule is to always keep books written by the same author together. Then, I always keep books from a series (like Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, etc.) next to each other and by the order they were published. Finally, I try to keep books from the same collection together, but only when this complies with the other previous rules. This is quite easy to achieve, for example, with book editions from the Penguin English Library collection.

Although I am pleased for now with the way I organise my books, in the future I would like to be able to arrange them in a more meticulous way. But for that I would have to have more bookshelves and more space available. Three goals come to my mind for a future bookshelves organisation: separate fiction from non-fiction; have some shelves just to keep classics; and possibly keep books focusing on the same subjects or of the same genre together, but always taking into consideration my golden rule.

Having books by the same author close to each other is quite important for me, as this is the best way I have to know what books I already own. While I find bookshelves that are organised by the colour of the book spines quite beautiful, for me that would be quite confusing to know where one specific book was.

How do you organise your bookshelves? Tell me in the comments!


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