More Bookish Facts About Me

I’ve been blogging about books for a year now and, in order to celebrate, I decided to reveal more bookish facts about me, after having done so for the first time last year.

  • I don’t listen to audiobooks, as my listening attention span is limited. I can only really focus on what I’m just listening to if I’m taking notes of everything that is being said at the same time. Something I don’t want to do while discovering and getting immersed in a fictional story.
  • I don’t like reading books in digital format, since I already spend a huge part of my day in front of a screen. So, I don’t have a NetGalley account and don’t plan to create one.
  • I still haven’t created a Goodreads account, but I will do so in the near future.
  • I love paperback books with French flaps.
  • I love reading poetry, but don’t feel confident enough to review it.
  • I don’t have an answer to who my favourite author is.
  • When I love a cover of a book, I tend not to carry it around, because I’m afraid of damaging it.
  • I’m fearful of rereading books that I loved.
  • I sometimes force myself to finish books I’m not really enjoying, since I hope they will get better and the ending will surprise me.
  • I feel like I’m reading much more since I’ve started the blog.

3 thoughts on “More Bookish Facts About Me

  1. Pierina Reads says:

    I’m not fond of digital reading either. I do the same with book covers if they are pretty, especially if they are paperback and they can crease so easily.

    Liked by 1 person

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