Some of My Favourite Book Bloggers and BookTubers

Book Bloggers and BookTubers are the main culprits for my continuously growing TBR pile and wish list. So, I decided to publicly display my appreciation for their good work, although they pose a serious threat to my bank account. This list is not at all exhaustive. I could have mentioned many more blogs and YouTube channels that I love and follow, but I tried to keep it short. I also plan to share some of my other favourite Book Bloggers and BookTubers in the future.


Book Bloggers:

Rosie Arscott – Rosie Reads the World

Rosie is reading a book from all 196 countries in the world and sharing her reviews on her blog. I really like keeping up with her journey and discovering books I probably would have never heard of otherwise. Her reviews feature quite noteworthy background information.


Ashleigh – Ashleigh’s Bookshelf

Ashleigh is quite an eclectic reader. She sometimes mentions books I’ve never heard of before and always makes good recommendations on classics.


Elena – Books and Reviews

Elena’s main interests are crime fiction and women’s studies. I really appreciate her insightful reviews, which raise rather interesting points for discussion.


Marina Sofia – findingtimetowrite

Marina Sofia came up with the #EU27project. She is not only trying to read books from each of the 27 remaining EU countries after Brexit, but also everyone can share the links to their own book reviews. Moreover, she writes her own fiction.



Jean – Jean Bookishthoughts

I really like Jean’s personality, since she is quite enthusiastic and seems to be really honest about her opinions. She makes great recommendations regarding non-fiction and books about dragons.


Lauren – Lauren and the Books

Watching Lauren’s videos always makes me happy, as she seems to have quite an easy-going personality. Every other month she organises a cosy reading night. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to take part in them yet, since I wasn’t at home in neither of the previous dates. I particularly like her vlogs.


Lauren – Reads and Daydreams

I really appreciate the way Lauren edits her videos, particularly in terms of colour. Some of my favourite videos are the vlogs about her holidays and the chats she has with friends while drinking. Her series about Shakespeare is also quite informative.


Amy – Shoutame

Amy and I share an interest in fictional books set during the Second World War and she introduced me to some I had never heard of before.


8 thoughts on “Some of My Favourite Book Bloggers and BookTubers

  1. Julia says:

    Great recommendations! I also enjoying watching both Laurens on BookTube. My other fav BookTubers would be Simon at SavidgeReads and Mercedes at MercysBookishMusings, they both read a ton and have similar tastes to me, in literary fiction particularly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Books Under the Bed says:

    This was a really helpful post as I’ve just started a blog and need some blogs to follow who have similar reading tastes to me (I watch all those booktubers and love them so hopefully the blogs we enjoy would be similar)

    Liked by 1 person

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