Book Unhaul

My shelves are, at the moment, jam-packed with books, and I’m having trouble finding space to store the last ones that I bought. They are just dangerously piled on top of my other unread books. In order to mitigate that problem, I decided to take from my shelves some of the books that I’m sure I won’t be reading ever again.

Currently, I still keep on my shelves the majority of the books I read when I was a teenager. But I’ve now decided to donate the majority of them to my local library. I’ll just keep a few of those I loved the most. Those that I won’t keep any longer are by four Portuguese authors, two of them being co-authors:


Maria Teresa Maia Gonzalez

Estrela à Chuva

A Viagem do Bruno

Parabéns, Rita!

Poeta (às vezes)

Dietas e Borbulhas

Ana Maria Magalhães and Isabel Alçada

Uma Aventura na Televisão

Uma Aventura no Ribatejo

Uma Aventura no Egipto

Uma Aventura nas Férias da Páscoa

Uma Aventura em Lisboa

Diário Cruzado de João e Joana

Diário Secreto de Camila

Alice Vieira

Paulina ao Piano

Graças e Desgraças da Corte de El-Rei Tadinho


I also decided a long time ago to only keep the books which I considered to be 3-star reads or more. So, two of the books that I’ll take from my shelves are the ones I rated with 2 stars this year:


Finally, I will also give away two books that I liked. You may now be wondering why. I intend to buy the Complete Sherlock Holmes and the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. So, it would be redundant to keep the following books on my shelves (and their covers are not particularly appealing either):

  • Hamlet by Shakespeare; and
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle.


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