More Favourite Book Bloggers and BookTubers

Some months ago, I revealed some of my favourite Book Bloggers and BookTubers, but that list didn’t cover all the ones I like the most (and neither will this one). So, welcome to the second instalment on the people who help me fill my room with books which are a joy to behold and read.


Book Bloggers:

Emma – Book Around the Corner

Emma is a French blogger who writes in English and reads mostly literary and crime fiction. I’ve only recently discovered her blog, but really like reading her in-depth and thought-provoking reviews.


Izzy – Thinking and Inking

Izzy is the youngest blogger I follow, but that doesn’t mean that her blog features many Young Adult novels, on the contrary. I really enjoy the tone of her reviews, which besides enlightening can also be quite funny.


Jo – Jo’s Book Blog

Jo reads a variety of book genres, and, in her blog, you can find various informative reviews that will make you want to go book shopping immediately.


Amy – Amy’s Ever-Growing Bookshelf

Amy’s blog was another recent discovery. Her blog features both well-known books and others I’ve never heard of before, which she reviews quite comprehensively.



Mercedes – MercysBookishMusings

What I particularly like about Mercedes is how she discusses both the positive and negative elements of a particular book in her reviews, making them always seem honest. Through her channel, I discovered lesser-known books. I also particularly like her podcast with Lauren from the BookTube channel Lauren and the Books.


Simon – Savidge Reads

I think Simon was the one who introduced me to Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and for that alone he deserves a mention. But I also really like his personality and the videos where he invites his friends to have a “nosey” through his bookshelves.


Jen Campbell

Not only is Jen a BookTuber, but she’s also a published author. I’m really looking forward to reading her collection of short stories. She introduced me to John Burnside, and I particularly like her recommendations on magical realism short stories.


Sophie – Portal in the Pages

Sophie’s channel features quite informative wrap-ups. Next year she will read a book from each country in the world. A journey I’m curious to follow.


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