Bookish Resolutions for 2018

A new year, a new set of bookish resolutions. This year I want to embark on a new reading project and create new types of content for the blog. But I’m also repeating one of the goals I had for 2017.

2018 is the last entire year during which the UK will retain EU membership, unless someone manages to stop this Brexit madness (I’m sorry, but this is how it looks like from outside the UK). So, this year I want to read at least one book by an author from each of the still 28 EU member states. This idea was inspired by Marina Sofia at Findingtimetowrite who last year started the #EU27Project as a way to say farewell to the remaining 27 countries. I’m taking a slightly different approach and am also reading a book by an author from the UK, more precisely from Scotland, since the vast majority there voted to remain in the EU. You can see a list of all the books I’m reading for this project in the ‘EU still 28’ page on my reading projects section.

As I hope to read more books than the ones on that list, mainly some by the authors I want to read every year, I’m planning to finish 35 books until the end of 2018. If I accomplish that goal, I will have read one more book than in 2017.

Furthermore, I want to start a new category of posts concerning bookish places. The ideal would be to manage to write one post each month about a place I have visited connected with books, either a special bookshop, a library, a museum focusing on books or a specific author, etc.

I’m also hoping to write a blog post each month about my monthly favourites. These will focus not only on books, but also my favourites from all my various interests (books, films, TV series, music, features, etc.).

If you have been following my blog for some time, you may have noticed that I’ve never reviewed a poetry collection. That doesn’t mean that I don’t read them. Last year I read two, for example. However, I didn’t feel confident enough to review them. In 2018, I definitely want to change that and review all poetry collections I manage to read.

Lastly, after failing to do so last year, I want to publish twice a week on this blog – every Tuesday and Friday.

Do you have any resolutions for 2018? Tell me in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Bookish Resolutions for 2018

  1. MarinaSofia says:

    Ha! I love your take on the EU 27 Project – I might follow suit and read books from Scotland just for the hell of it!
    And I look forward to reading more poetry reviews from you too! Wishing you lots of fun and lovely discoveries, whether you meet all the challenges or not.

    Liked by 1 person

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