Book Haul – April 2018

On the 23rd of April, it was World Book Day in Portugal. To be honest, I didn’t know about the existence of such a celebration until I received a newsletter from a retailer announcing book discounts of up to 50%. As I later found out, UNESCO organises World Book Day annually to promote reading, publishing and copyright. However, World Book Day isn’t held on this date worldwide, because there is a probability that it may clash with Easter. For instance, in the UK, World Book Day is on the first Thursday in March.

Obviously, the promise of significant book discounts left me tingling with excitement. And I ended up buying the five books listed below!


The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson

This book by the Swedish author Jonas Jonasson has been on my wish list for years, maybe since I first started watching BookTube channels. I don’t recall why I thought I would like it. But, seeing that I heard many people praising it at the time of its release, I decided to finally read it for the ‘EU still 28’ project. According to the blurb, it follows Nombeko Mayeki, who is on the run from a secret service.


Dear Mr. M by Herman Koch

This is another book for the ‘EU still 28’ reading project, but this time to represent the Netherlands. Dear Mr. M has been on my wish list for some time as well. If I remember correctly, it has been recommended various times by Jen Campbell. From what I can gather from the blurb, it comprises two strands: one following Mr. M, a writer who is not as famous as he once was; and other focusing on one of his most famous stories and the interest of a reader in it.


A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

I’ve only read one book by Charles Dickens so far – Great Expectations. However, I really want to read many more. A Christmas Carol, a tale about how Ebenezer Scrooge is taught the true meaning of Christmas, is just one of them. I’m definitely saving it for Christmas time!


A Costa dos Murmúrios by Lídia Jorge

Last year I picked up a book by the Portuguese author Lídia Jorge for the first time and, unfortunately, didn’t really like it. Nevertheless, I decided to read another of her books, reason why I bought A Costa dos Murmúrios (Murmuring Coast in the English translation). It is set in the early 1970s during the colonial war in Mozambique.


Gabriela, Cravo e Canela by Jorge Amado

Jorge Amado is one of the most famous Brazilian authors. So far, I’ve only read O Gato Malhado e a Andorinha Sinhá (The Swallow and the Tom Cat), and that was more than a decade ago. I decided to buy Gabriela, Cravo e Canela (Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon) not only because it was 50% off, but also because my mother is always raving about its adaptation into a soap opera. I believe that it was the first Brazilian soap opera to air in Portugal.


Have you read any of these books? Tell me in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Book Haul – April 2018

  1. Paula Bardell-Hedley says:

    I can’t tell you how down I am about us leaving the EU. I voted to remain and couldn’t believe the result. It’s such a foolish thing to do – I keep hoping something will happen to stop it going ahead. Anyhow, I really like your ‘EU still 28’ project, even though it makes me feel sad. 😢

    Liked by 1 person

    • Susana_S_F says:

      I can’t understand why so many people thought it was a good idea for the UK to leave. 🙁 The EU is not perfect, but it’s so much better to be in than out.
      I’ve been discovering really interesting books thanks to the project!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. MarinaSofia says:

    I went through a massive Jorge Amado phase, although I had to rely on translations. I found him great fun to read and really bring alive a very different culture. But then I am obsessed with Brazil.

    Liked by 1 person

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