Monthly Favourites – April 2018

Unfortunately, I haven’t got many favourites to share with you today. After Easter, which I used as an excuse to eat far more chocolate than usual, April was for the most part an uneventful month. I read some books that I truly relished. However, I don’t remember doing or watching anything remarkable. So, brace yourselves for my shortest and perhaps most boring monthly favourites so far.

I finished four books last month – Through the Woods, Seeing People Off, Uma Vida à Sua Frente and Nutshell. My favourite, because it stayed with me the longest, was Uma Vida à Sua Frente (The Life Before Us) by Romain Gary. I really recommend this heart-warming book narrated by Mohammed, a young Muslim boy, who lived with Madame Rosa, a former prostitute and Auschwitz survivor. I smiled and almost cried while getting to know the common story of a motherless boy and the woman who took care of him.

Music-wise, I’ve got a really strange favourite, since it’s neither a song nor an album. It’s the promo video for the Arctic Monkey’s new albumTranquility Base Hotel & Casino – which will be released next week. I’m so excited for it that I listened to the promo countless times last month. I also really hope to like it, seeing that the latest albums and songs by some of the bands whose music I tend to enjoy (Muse, Arcade Fire and Franz Ferdinand) have been a disappointment lately.


I’m really sorry for this dismal instalment of my monthly favourites. But I have a feeling that May will be a far more interesting month, as I’m about to start watching the new seasons of Westworld and The Handmaid’s Tale.


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