2018 Mid-Year Resolutions’ Evaluation

We are now midway through 2018, hence it’s the perfect time to examine whether I’m fulfilling my bookish resolutions or not. In all honesty, I could only recollect two of the goals I had set myself, so I had to reread the blog post where I revealed them. One of the reasons why I couldn’t remember all of my resolutions was that I’ve been following the majority of them almost instinctively.

My prime resolution for 2018 is to read one book by an author from each of the still 28 EU member states. I called this reading project ‘EU still 28’. You can know more about it on its dedicated page. So far, I’ve read 12 out of the 28 books on my previously established list. I’m not halfway through yet, but since I’ve read a few books not included in this project, I’m confident that I can still complete it before the year comes to an end.

At the beginning of the year, I was hoping to read 35 books in 2018. Thus far, I’ve read 18 and am almost finishing another. So, I’m pretty sure I’ll manage to comply with my reading challenge and may even surpass it.

As planned, I’ve also started a new category of posts about bookish places. My first article on this new category was about my visit to the José Saramago Foundation in Lisbon. However, I have not been writing one post a month for this category, as I anticipated that I would.

I have been far more consistent regarding my monthly favourites. I’ve published a post about my favourite books, films, TV series, music, etc. every month so far.

I’ve also reviewed all the poetry collections I read, which wasn’t difficult, seeing that I’ve only picked one up so far this year and it was for the ‘EU still 28’ reading project.

One of my resolutions for 2018 is the same as the year before, and I’ve managed to fail it already again. I wanted to publish a post on the blog twice a week – every Tuesday and Friday. But I missed one Friday in May.

Are you fulfilling your resolutions for 2018? Tell me in the comments!


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