Monthly Favourites – June 2018

June is over and July is already here. So, it’s time for me to reveal my newest monthly favourites. This instalment features a book, a TV series, music and a cheeky food reference. I didn’t watch a single film last month, but my ‘too-watch’ list keeps on growing. For whatever reason, I now find films too long. Nonetheless, binge-watching TV series feels totally acceptable (although I haven’t done that in a while either).

Last month I read three books and, without a doubt, my favourite was Dear Mr. M by Herman Koch. Through different perspectives, we are told two intertwined stories, that of Mr. M, a renowned writer who used to be more successful than he currently is, and that of his somewhat creepy neighbour. It mixes a crime story with a reflection on writing and fiction. Despite having finished it at the beginning of June, I still sometimes recall the characters featured in this book.

My favourite TV series from last month is the same as in May – the second season of The Handmaid’s Tale. I particularly loved episode 10. It got me so emotional that I cried. The plot is developing relatively slowly, but that is allowing the viewer to know more about both the main and the secondary characters.

In terms of music, I have no new releases to share. My highlights of June are some old favourites. After watching on TV the concerts of Muse and The Killers at the Rock in Rio festival in Lisbon, I felt a strong desire to listen to my favourite albums by them on repeat. Absolution and Black Holes and Revelations are not only my favourite albums by Muse, but some of my favourites of all time. And Hot Fuss by The Killers sounds as great as back in 2004.

I kind of regret not having gone to see The Killers live, although they played some songs from Battle Born, which I am not a fan of. About Muse I have no regrets, because I already saw them live six times in the last ten years. They are truly fantastic on stage. Luckily for me, the only songs that they played in this gig that I haven’t seen performed live yet were their latest two singles, which aren’t that great.

Finally, last month I discovered that I love chocolate and hazelnuts ice cream with sliced banana. It was the perfect dessert for the couple of really hot days we had in Portugal in mid-June. And by hot, I mean around 38ºC.  Now, it’s again a bit too chilly and cloudy for Summer. The weather has been totally crazy this year!

These are my favourites from June! Which are yours? Tell me in the comments!


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