Recent Favourite Book Bloggers and BookTubers

Thankfully, there are a great number of people creating fantastic content online about books, although my bank account may not be as enthusiastic about this as I am. I’ve already mentioned some of them on two previous posts titled ‘Some of My Favourite Book Bloggers and BookTubers’ and ‘More Favourite Book Bloggers and BookTubers’. Today I introduce you to four other favourites of mine. This time I’m focusing on those that I’ve discovered more recently.


Book Bloggers:

Rachel – What Rachel Did

Rachel creates a variety of content about books, including reviews, tags and wrap-ups. But she also writes about her travels on a feature appropriately titled ‘Travel Tuesdays’. I really appreciate this mix of content, after all reading feels somewhat like travelling, as by doing so we discover new realities and worlds.


Jay – A Nook & A Storybook

I quite like Jay’s in-depth book reviews. I always feel like I know if I’m going to enjoy a book or not after reading them, since he usually mentions what he did and didn’t like about a specific book.



Jasmine – Jasmine’s Reads

Jasmine is a relatively new BookTuber. I particularly enjoy watching her series of five book recommendations that covers various genres and subjects.


Kathryn – The Reader’s Athenaeum

Kathryn creates a variety of interesting book-related content. What I appreciate the most about her videos is that she films individual reviews of some of the books that she reads, which allows us to more easily know if they are of interest to us or not.


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