Book Genres I Don’t Tend to Read

I consider myself to be quite an eclectic reader. I enjoy a variety of different genres – literary fiction, dystopian, fantasy, classics, horror, mysteries, historical fiction… Nevertheless, there are some genres that don’t usually appeal to me and that I, thus, don’t tend to read. It’s not that they are worthless or without any merit, they are just not for me. Their general characteristics don’t make me want to read them.

Regarding the first three genres that I’m about to mention, I may read such books if, for whatever atypical reason, their premise and someone else’s opinion leave me curious to know more. It just almost never happens nowadays. The last genre below, on the other hand, I’ve never really read, because I, personally, don’t see the point of such books, although other people find them helpful.

So, the four book genres that I don’t tend to read are:


Young Adult

This genre is mainly aimed at people who are around 12 to 18 years old. However, many of its readers are from an older demographic. The main characters are teenagers who face real-life problems, for example those related to friendships, first loves, relationships and identity struggles. I used to read this type of books when I was a teenager myself, but now I feel that they are not for me anymore. I’m not that interested in the issues they tend to focus on, and they are sometimes too simplistic in their approach to them.

Occasionally there is a crossover between Young Adult and other genres. I’m not that put off by fantasy books whose sub-genre is YA. Harry Potter is a great example of that. But maybe that is because I started reading the series when I was around 13 and only finished it when I was in my twenties. I also don’t tend to disregard books set in the Second World War and whose main characters are teenagers.


Chick lit

The books from this genre have a heroine at the centre of the narrative. They address issues related to modern womanhood, such as romantic relationships, female friendships and problems in the workplace, in a humorous or light-hearted way. I honestly don’t even know how to explain why I don’t tend to read them. They just don’t usually appeal to me.


Contemporary romantic novels  

The main focus of these books is the romantic relationship between two (usually white and straight) people. I’m particularly thinking about novels like those of Nicholas Sparks. There is too much insubstantial soppiness in them for me. It feels like nothing else matters besides those two characters trying to end up together after some adversities. I do like love stories, but I need far more than that from a book. I love Jane Austen, for example. Her books are most of all fantastic novels of manners witfully written.


Self-help books

These are non-fiction books whose aim is to provide instructions on how to solve personal problems. I have a hard time understanding the success of these books. For me each person is different and has specific problems. So, general instructions may not be that useful. I’m of the opinion that it’s better to ask either friends, family or a psychologist, in the most serious cases, for help. However, if some people find them helpful, who am I to judge? Each to their own.


Are there any book genres that you don’t read? Tell me in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Book Genres I Don’t Tend to Read

  1. thinkingandinking says:

    I don’t read YA any more either – I stopped when I was about 14 before it became so popular as a genre. I think it’s a great tool to help teenagers with the ‘coming of age’ dilemma etc., but with a few exceptions, there are too many tropes and it usually frustrates me. (although I am partial to chick lit at times, whenever I’m in the mood for something light-hearted!)

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  2. Ayunda says:

    It seems like we have similar (dis)tastes in genres! I tried my best to keep reading YA during my college years, but I soon realised that I sort of grew out of it and preferred more adult fiction than those action-packed, trope-y YA novels. I could do with a chic lit once in a while, depending on my mood, but most of the time I wouldn’t enjoy those kinds of books either.

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  3. Rachel - What Rachel Did says:

    I’m not keen on YA either although I have branched out a bit more recently – I loved both The Hate U Give and Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, but I don’t think I’ll make a habit of reading YA. I love (convincing) romances, but I usually find they’re not well-written so I’m the same as you, I like to find them in books where there’s other things going on! I don’t read nature books because I find them really boring to be honest haha!

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