Monthly Favourites – September 2018

I definitely won’t miss September, seeing that it personally was a horrendous month. As a result, I didn’t read much, having only finished two (not too big) books. I resorted to Netflix to pass the time instead and ended up watching more TV shows than usual.

My favourite book was A Amiga Genial (My Brilliant Friend) by Elena Ferrante. Elena Greco recounts her friendship with Raffaella Cerullo, whom she has always called Lila. It is set in Naples and we are introduced to the harshness of the life there when they were young. I became so immersed in the characters’ lives that it felt like I was getting to know them intimately with each shared memory. It also features noteworthy reflections on class, social mobility and the importance of education.

From the three TV series that I watched in full last month, my favourite was La Casa de Papel (entitled Money Heist in English). It is a Spanish crime drama that was divided into two parts for Netflix. In total there are 22 episodes. A man, named the Professor, recruits eight people with apparently nothing to lose to carry out the biggest heist in history. Their aim is to enter the Royal Mint of Spain and print a huge amount of money for themselves. There is a huge focus on the characters. Throughout the episodes, we get to know more about their past and what they did during the planning of the heist. I hugely recommend this series, which both made me laugh and cry. Some of the scenes became even more hilarious because of the music chosen to accompany them. It also made me want to properly learn Spanish. I understand quite a lot of it, seeing that it is similar to Portuguese, but I can’t write it or accurately speak it.

These are my few favourites from the month of September! Which are yours? Tell me in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites – September 2018

  1. Ayunda says:

    I’ve tried watching the first episode Money Heist but wasn’t too interested because it felt a little too dramatic. But I’ve heard people loving it so much that I feel like I need to give it another try! Should I push myself to continue with the series?

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