Monthly Favourites – January 2019

After loving sharing with you my selection of favourite books, TV series, films, music, joyful activities and items from each month in 2018, I decided to continue to do the same this year. January wasn’t particularly memorable. However, I still have a couple of favourites that deserve to be highlighted.

I read three books last month. My favourite was Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier. After the death of her mother, Mary Yellan went to live with her aunt and uncle at Jamaica Inn. She soon realised that her uncle was involved in a smuggling business. Was that the only illegal activity that he was guilty of? A dangerous atmosphere is present throughout the novel. The characters’ dialogues feel truly real, and I particularly loved the interactions between Mary and Jem Merlyn.

Although I didn’t watch many TV shows in January, the ones that I did were fantastic. I continued my annual re-watch of Game of Thrones and have now finished season 3. I adored it as much as when I watched it for the first time. Obviously, I wasn’t as shocked by episode 9 as before, but it still breaks my heart. I also watched the first episode of Sex Education the day before yesterday and quite liked it. It’s so hilarious that I cannot wait to watch the rest of the series.

Finally, music-wise, I listened on repeat to the song ‘Exits’ by Foals. I think it is the first single from their next album, which will be released at the beginning of March. It’s almost six minutes long but never gets boring.

These are my favourites from January! What are yours? Tell me in the comments!


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