Monthly Favourites – February 2019

Although February is the shortest month of the year, I have more favourites to share today than I did regarding January. These include a book, two TV shows, a film, a song and a piece of entertainment news.

My favourite book from the ones that I read last month is The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock by Imogen Hermes Gowar. It is most of all a character-focused novel which takes place in eighteenth-century London. Jonah Hancock is a merchant who has just lost a ship in exchange for a mermaid. In order to recover the money that his ship was worth, he accepts to exhibit the strange creature. One of the places where it can be seen is at Mrs Chappell’s nunnery. There he meets the beautiful courtesan Angelica. The plot is not particularly gripping, but the convincing group of characters and the detailed writing style kept me enthralled until the very end.

I didn’t watch many films in previous months. In February, I did! While I watched all of them last month for the first time, the vast majority weren’t recent releases. Surprisingly for me, I really enjoyed How to Train Your Dragon (the first one). It’s a computer-animated fantasy film that takes place in a Viking world where a teenager wants to become a dragon slayer. He ends up learning that acceptance is worth more than fear and violence.

When it comes to TV series, my favourites are exactly the same as in January. I finished watching the first season of Sex Education and really liked it. Not only is it extremely funny, it also features interesting main and secondary characters who are far more multifaceted than they seemed at first. Otis is a teenager who starts giving sexual advice after inadvertently helping the school’s bully. I also continued my annual re-watch of Game of Thrones and am loving it as always.

Music-wise, I listened to various random songs instead of whole albums. My favourite was ‘On the Luna’ by Foals. I can’t wait to listen to their new album in full in a few days.

Finally, HBO has launched a streaming service in Portugal, and I can now finally watch the adaptation of My Brilliant Friend! I’ve read the book by Elena Ferrante last year and really liked it. Since then, I have been wanting to watch the TV series. Also, I soon discovered that I’ll be able to watch the new (and last) season of Game of Thrones at the same time as in the US, when it premieres in April, instead of waiting until the following Monday night (the day the other seasons were broadcasted on Syfy). Thus, the possibility of being spoiled has decreased immensely!

These are my favourites from February. What are yours? Tell me in the comments!


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