Monthly Favourites – March 2019

I expected March to be a month full of favourites, but I was wrong. It was a good reading month overall, although I didn’t finish two of the books that I started. However, some of the films and TV series that I began watching were, unexpectedly, a disappointment. Let’s focus on the positives, though!

My favourite book from the three that I finished in March is The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood, as you already know if you follow me on Instagram. It’s a retelling of a Greek myth in which Penelope presents her version of events from The Odyssey. It exposes how a patriarchal society can put women in conflict with each other without them even noticing.

Music-wise, I listened on repeat to ‘The Knife’ by Maggie Rogers. I didn’t enjoy the album Heard It in a Past Life in its entirety, but I couldn’t stop listening to this song in particular. I love the piano sound in the background throughout the song and how it takes over at the end.

Mid-way through the month I finished re-watching Game of Thrones and am now more than ready for the eighth (and final) season. I should have spaced out the last two seasons better for the wait not to feel so long, though.

Finally, I want to share with you a sweet discovery that I made. Now that Easter is approaching supermarkets are full of a huge variety of chocolates. So far nothing new. What I didn’t know until some weeks ago is that there are chocolate eggs filled with marzipan and praline. They are delicious!

These are my favourites from March! What are yours? Tell me in the comments!


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