Some More Favourite Book Bloggers

It has been a while since I last shared with you some of my favourite creators of bookish content. In my spare time, not only do I read blogs, but I also watch some YouTube channels. So, I usually share my favourites from both platforms. This post, however, is solely dedicated to some of the book bloggers that I’ve been enjoying following since last year. You can discover other favourites of mine here.


Amalia – The Opinionated Reader

Amalia is a reviewer who presents her opinions on books in an honest and straightforward manner. Her reviews are always in-depth and raise interesting topics for discussion. She occasionally introduces me to books that I’ve never heard of before.


Ayunda – Ayundabhuwana’s Blog   

I discovered Ayunda’s blog while looking for book-related content. She posts monthly wrap-ups which feature various book genres. But she also shares her opinions on TV shows, films and the places she has visited. She writes engaging content on an aesthetically-pleasing blog.


Callum McLaughlin

The content I like reading the most on Callum’s blog are his informative book reviews. But he also writes wrap ups, tags and features on book-to-film adaptations.



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