Monthly Favourites – October 2019

October was not a particularly fruitful month when it comes to favourites. I liked all of the books that I read in their entirety, but I DNFed two books in a row at the beginning of the month. I also didn’t watch many TV series or films. So, this instalment will certainly be much shorter than usual.

I finished reading three books last month – A Espada e a Azagaia by Mia Couto, The Devil’s Footprints by John Burnside and Mar Novo by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen. Although I enjoyed the three of them almost equally, I decided to choose as my favourite the poetry collection Mar Novo, mainly because I relished analysing some of the poems featured in it more thoroughly, something I hadn’t done in a while. Various poems in this collection have pessimistic undertones and allude to a world of darkness. The sea is used as a symbol for freedom.

More or less two weeks ago, I watched the fifth season of Peaky Blinders. I was not impressed by the first episodes, as they don’t seem to have a clear focus, but adored the last two (5 and 6). This season is set in the 1930s, and the Shelby family becomes embroiled in the rise of Nazism in the UK.

Finally, I loved listening to Foals’ latest album, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 2. Its energy is contagious.

These are my favourites from October! Which are yours? Tell me in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites – October 2019

  1. Isobel Necessary says:

    I do think winter will bring some great TV! I’m not a Peaky Blinders fan myself, but I am enjoying the new BBC crime thriller Giri/Haji, set in Japan and London. I like the way it plays around with style, including animation, black and white sequences, and changing the aspect ratio. I’ve also been watching the Looking for Alaska adaptation (on iPlayer in the UK), and I’m excited for the His Dark Materials series to start too.

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    • Susana_S_F says:

      I want to watch His Dark Materials as well, although I read Northern Lights a few months ago and wasn’t too impressed. Maybe I’ll like the adaptation more…


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