Other Favourite Stories of 2019

Books are undoubtedly the protagonists of this blog. However, I also consume stories, be they fictional or not, through other forms of media. So, I like to annually compile and share with you my other favourite stories, which are usually TV series and films. From the ones that I watched for the first time in 2019, I have four favourites.


Game of Thrones – Season 8

The last season of Game of Thrones was surely divisive. I’m part of the seeming minority (or maybe of the less vocal majority) who liked it immensely. I’ve discussed the reasons behind my enjoyment in significant detail on my monthly favourites of April and May, so I’m going to avoid spoilers and be brief this time.

Season 8 is visually stunning, atmospheric and emotive. Not only did I cry, but I also laughed. The acting is outstanding, the camera work is fantastic, and the score is perfect. I don’t think that I’ve mentioned it before, but I loved the final montage. The actions of the characters, in my opinion, result fully from their personalities and are a consequence of their life experiences. Although there is one occurrence that, at first, feels slightly anticlimactic, everything makes sense. I would have liked it to be one or two episodes longer (I think I’ve used the term ‘a couple of’ before). They were not necessarily needed for a fitting telling of the story, but I selfishly wanted more interactions between the characters. Their state of mind would have been even clearer.

The small issues that I had with the last season didn’t make me dislike it at all. It is still amazing! It just isn’t pitch perfect. I can confidently say that Game of Thrones is my favourite TV series of all time.


Dark – Season 2

If you’ve never watched this series, you should do so immediately! It’s a German science fiction thriller that is set in the fictional town of Winden, where there is a nuclear power plant and a couple of young people go missing. Throughout the first and second seasons, four families are involved in a time travel mystery. Past, present and future intertwine in a way that requires viewers to pay close attention, as it can sometimes be confusing. It is intriguing, occasionally moving and reveals a great attention to detail.



A miniseries about the nuclear disaster that happened in Ukraine in 1986, Chernobyl is both engaging and terrifying. I learnt afterwards that it isn’t fully accurate, it is a dramatisation after all, but it is an interesting exploration of the consequences of lying and the possible dangers of relying too much on nuclear energy.


The Great Hack

This documentary about the role of Cambridge Analytica in the Brexit referendum and Trump’s election is both enlightening and unsettling. It explores how personal data can be illegally harvested and how social media, particularly Facebook, is being used to manipulate voters and spread propaganda.


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