Book Haul – January 2020

My first book haul of 2020 consists mainly of books that I either have been wanting to read for a couple of years or that are the last instalments of certain series. There is no common theme or genre between the five of them. As I plan to read them all in the following months, you won’t have to wait long to know my opinions about them.


Within the Sanctuary of Wings by Marie Brennan

The last book in The Memoirs of Lady Trent series focuses on Isabella’s most famous adventure, which is partially set in the tallest peak in the world. It will surely share some similarities with the other books in the series. I’m expecting it to continue to delve into social and scientific problems, while painting an anthropological picture of the world it’s set in.


The Awakening by Kate Chopin

The main character in this short book refuses to be subdued by married life. When it was first published in 1899, The Awakening was considered to be sordid and immoral. I’m not expecting to find it so in the 21st century. But I’m eager to discover what shocked people so much back then.


The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark

I’ve been meaning to read a book by Muriel Spark for many years. I decided to start exploring her work with The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, since it seems to be highly praised. The schoolmistress Jean Brodie is known for her manipulative charm, which can be dangerous for her students. I’m certainly intrigued!


O Bebedor de Horizontes by Mia Couto

The final book in the Sands of the Emperor trilogy by the Mozambican author Mia Couto must unquestionably continue to follow the story of Imani and Sergeant Germano de Melo. The first two novels delve into imperialism and racism in the 19th century, focusing particularly on the difficulties faced by the people who lived between two cultures. I’m expecting these themes to also be relevant in this novel.


Ensaio sobre a Lucidez (Seeing) by José Saramago

Set in a country where the vast majority of the electorate decides to vote blank in a general election, Seeing apparently delves into the consequences of apathy and disenchantment in a democratic system. I have high expectations for this book, as it’s usually the case with all of Saramago’s works that I decide to read.


Have you read or want to read any of these books? Tell me in the comments!


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