Monthly Favourites – February 2020

March has already begun, but this post is still about February. During the shortest month of the year, I spent some of my free time reading books, watching TV series, listening to music and perusing through amazing blogs. And the time has come to share with you my favourites!

My favourite book from the ones that I read in February was Ensaio sobre a Lucidez (Seeing in the English translation) by José Saramago. It is an allegory that explores the complexities of democracy through an engaging prose. In the capital of an unnamed country, 83% of voters decided to vote blank in the local elections. As a result, the government isolated the city, whilst trying to uncover a reason behind the “epidemic” of the blank vote. While many of the characters are purely symbols, others feel like real human beings.

I had been waiting for the release of the second season of My Brilliant Friend for a while. Not only wasn’t I disappointed, I also enjoyed it more than the first one. As in the books by Elena Ferrante (I’ve only read the first two so far), the story of the friendship between Elena and Lila is gripping. The acting is also flawless. The only aspect that I’m not a huge fan of is the voice-over narration, which, nevertheless, annoyed me far less than in the first season. It helps the adaptation to be faithful to the books, but it’s something that I don’t tend to like on TV.

Fellow bloggers create amazing content, so it was difficult to pick a favourite post. Amalia at The Opinionated Reader blog wrote a great review about The Doll Factory by Elizabeth Macneal. This is a book that I already wanted to read, but she made me want to read it sooner rather than later. In this novel, the paths of three characters cross in 19th century London, a location that I’m always eager to read about.

“When a novel is set in London, the city becomes a character. I will use the phrase “a Dickens of our times” because Macneal’s pen raises London out of the pages and the capital comes alive in front of our eyes.”

Lastly, I listened quite a few times to the new song by the Scottish band The Fratellis – Six Days in June. It’s quite a catchy tune!

These are my favourites from February! Which are yours? Tell me in the comments!


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