Monthly Favourites – December 2020

On the first day of 2021 (Happy New Year!), I look back on my favourites from the last month of 2020! Today I’m sharing with you a book, a set of YouTube videos, a blog post and a Christmas dessert.

I finished three books in December and enjoyed all of them. But my favourite was História da Menina Perdida (The Story of the Lost Child in the English translation) by Elena Ferrante. The last book in The Neapolitan Novels continues to focus on Elena and Lila’s convoluted friendship, while also delving into the complex relationship between mothers and daughters and the Neapolitan society of the time. Thanks to its conversational writing style, it is for the most part highly engaging. Although on some days I didn’t feel like picking it up, when I did, I could read it for long periods of time, something I struggled to do last year.

Throughout December, I watched even more YouTube videos than usual, mainly because of Vlogmas (this is when YouTubers post videos almost every day on the run-up to Christmas). I don’t have one specific video as a favourite, having liked various of the videos created by Lauren and the Books and Lauren Wade.

I’ve also been enjoying reading various blog posts on favourite books of 2020. I have to highlight Cathy’s, which you can read on her blog 746 Books, as it features the highest number of books that I was least familiar with. I’m now particularly intrigued about One by One in the Darkness by Deirdre Madden.

Since I’m not religious, Christmas for me is all about the food, the decorations and, yes, the presents! This month I cooked for the first time a Portuguese Christmas dessert that I’ve been eating all my life – “filhoses” (ou “filhós”). My late maternal grandmother used to make them every Christmas Eve (when we have Christmas dinner in Portugal) and, occasionally, on New Year’s Eve as well. They are, basically, a deep-fried dough that is sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon mixed together. I don’t know if it was beginner’s luck or if I’m genuinely good at making them, but they turned out much better than I expected!

These are my favourites from December! What are yours? Tell me in the comments!


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