2020 Bookish Resolutions’ Evaluation

When 2020 was still a promising year, that is to say in its first weeks, I set myself a few goals regarding my reading and the content I wanted to publish on this blog. The time has now come to evaluate whether I fulfilled them or not.

I wanted to read at least 35 books, having even the aspiration to read more pages than the year before. I failed to achieve my reading goal, though. Not only did I just finish 30 books, I also read fewer pages than in 2019. I blame the pandemic for this. Throughout the majority of the year, I struggled to read for long periods of time, even when I was enjoying the books.

Another of my reading resolutions was to finish three of the book series that I was reading. And I did! I completed The Memoirs of Lady Trent by Marie Brennan, As Areias do Imperador (Sands of the Emperor) by Mia Couto, and The Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante. They are incredibly distinct in terms of genres and writing styles, but I relished reading all of them.

I also wanted to reread two of my old favourite books. After reading Atonement by Ian McEwan and Pride and Prejudice by Jan Austen in translation into Portuguese for the first time more than a decade ago, I (re)read them in English in 2020. A couple of years ago, I felt that rereading was almost a waste of time. Why would I pick up books I had already read when there were so many new stories to discover? Now I think that it is a delight to read again books that are dear to me.

Using my local library again was another of my goals. I didn’t, though. The pandemic is also partly to blame for my failure to do so. It was closed during the majority of the first half of the year and, when it reopened, we couldn’t freely browse the shelves.

At the beginning of 2020, I also decided to change slightly what I mention on my monthly favourites by adding blog posts and YouTube videos to the mix. Although I didn’t mention them every single month, I did so many times!

Despite not having read as many books as I was hoping to, I cannot say that 2020 was a total failure bookish-wise. Quality is more important than quantity, and I read great books!


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