Bookish Resolutions for 2021

2021 has only just started, but it already provided scenes and occurrences worthy of a nightmare. One way to make everything seem better is to focus on books and the joy they bring. During this year, I want to fulfil some reading goals as always. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, though, so my bookish resolutions for 2021 are deliberately not particularly challenging.

I intend to read at least 25 books. This is a significantly lower number than in previous years, mainly because I’m planning to read some huge books (longer than 800 pages) and I’ll obviously take much longer to finish them in comparison with medium-sized ones. If I read more pages than last year, I’ll be more than happy.

My second resolution is to read at least eight books by Lusophone authors. Lately, I’ve been mainly reading books originally written in English or translated into English, not only because they are cheaper than books published in Portugal, but also because of all your amazing recommendations. In 2020, I only read four books written by Lusophone authors, which is disconcerting, since Portuguese is my mother tongue. There are three books, for example, that I wanted to read last year but didn’t manage to and that I definitely want to pick up this year – A Maçã no Escuro (The Apple in the Dark) by Clarice Lispector, O Irmão Alemão (My German Brother) by Chico Buarque and O Quase Fim do Mundo by Pepetela.

Last year, I didn’t write as many posts for this blog as I would have liked to. Since I think that I need an extra incentive, I decided that one of my goals for 2021 is to publish at least six posts every month. Some years ago, I tried to always publish twice a week but failed. Having a minimum number of posts that I want to write per month as a goal instead seems more feasible.

Back in 2018, I started a new category of posts on this blog which I titled “Bookish Places”. I have only written three times about the places that I visited connected with books and authors since then, though. This year, I want to visit and write about various other places, as long as the evolution of the pandemic permits it. I have plenty of ideas! As more people get vaccinated, maybe the situation will get better in the second half of the year and travelling will be easier and safer.

From February onwards, I also intend to share an old blog post on Twitter every Sunday. WordPress tells me that I have written a total of 370 posts (not counting with this one) since I started blogging. Some of those posts are probably still worth sharing again! I’ll maybe call these tweets “Flashback Sunday” …

Do you have any resolutions for 2021? Tell me in the comments!


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