Last Ten Books Tag

A week ago, I saw the Last Ten Books Tag on Marina Sofia’s blog (I couldn’t unearth who the original creator was) and decided to give it a go, although I don’t tend to do tags very often. I always struggle to come up with answers for numerous of the questions asked on tags for some reason, so forgive me if my replies are not particularly remarkable and insightful.


Last book I gave up on

This one is easy! I gave up on War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy early on in January after reading less than ten chapters. In 1805, Anna Pavlovna organised a soirée where various characters discussed not only their lives, but also Napoleon and his political and military movements. I just couldn’t memorise whom any of the characters were or their connections with one another. For that reason, I lost all interest in this massive novel, which I had been meaning to read for years.


Last book I reread

After deciding not to finish War and Peace, I figured that it was a good idea to read an old favourite. I reread Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell and loved it as much as the first time around. The dystopian society it portrays is well known for its telescreens and being ruled by the Party, whose face is the Big Brother. Winston, the main character, works in the Ministry of Truth, where he rewrites past information. His life gets progressively more complicated as he becomes involved with Julia.


Last book I bought

I have been meaning to read more books by Gonçalo M. Tavares since being impressed by Jerusalem. So, I recently bought A Máquina de Joseph Walser (Joseph Walser’s Machine in the English translation). The blurb is too confusing, reason why I’m not sure what it’s about. I will let you know when I finally read it!


Last book I said I read but I didn’t

I truly don’t remember ever doing this… I read all mandatory books at school, so I didn’t have to lie about it, and we should have no shame about not having read a specific book, notwithstanding how highly regarded it is.


Last book I wrote in the margins of

I don’t write in the margins of books very often anymore. In order to be easier to write reviews, I take notes either on a notebook or on my phone at the end of each reading session if there’s something I don’t want to forget. However, I remember having written in the margins of the poetry collection Mar Novo by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, since I wanted to analyse a couple of the poems in some depth.


Last book that I had signed

Some people may find this ludicrous, but I’ve never had a book signed. Although I love reading, I don’t usually go to book events. The edition I bought of Homens Imprudentemente Poéticos by Valter Hugo Mãe was previously signed by the author before being put for sale, but I don’t even own it anymore, as I didn’t like it.


Last book I lost

I must have lost at least one book when I was a little child, but this hasn’t happened in the latest decades for sure. I’m now very careful with my books, excessively so some might say. I don’t even like lending books to other people for fear that they may get damaged. I’m weird, I know!


Last book I had to replace

I’ve recently replaced the Portuguese edition of 1984 by George Orwell with the English version, because I wanted to reread it in the original.


Last book I argued over

Argue is a strong word. I don’t remember intensely disagreeing with anyone about a book recently… There you have it, another boring answer for you all!


Last book you couldn’t find

I’m not sure if this question is about books that I couldn’t find on my shelves or books I couldn’t find in bookshops. But I’m assuming that it’s the second. I would love to read O Alegre Canto da Perdiz by Paulina Chiziane, who was the first Mozambican woman to publish a novel. Sadly (or not), it seems to be sold out on all online bookshops I know of. Going to an actual bookshop is also not possible at the moment in Portugal, since we are in national lockdown.


I’m not tagging anyone, but if you decide to do this tag, please let me know!


2 thoughts on “Last Ten Books Tag

  1. Isobel Necessary says:

    Lovely cover on that copy of Nineteen Eighty-four! It’s on my list to reread soon – I’ve seen so many inaccurate comparisons between Covid restrictions and Orwell, and I’d like to be able to set people straight authoritatively.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to a book signing either – although I do have some pre-signed copies on my shelves.

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