Quarterly Favourites – January to March 2021

During the last three years, I shared with you every single month my favourites from the books and blog posts I read, the TV series, films and YouTube videos I watched, and the music I listened to. However, since I was becoming bored of writing this kind of posts every month and new beloveds have been scarce, I decided to only start publishing a post about my favourites once every three months. The first instalment of my quarterly favourites will focus on the months from January to March.

Since the beginning of 2021, I’ve read five books and decided not to finish two. I loved rereading Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, a well-known dystopian novel that portrays a society in the grip of an authoritarian regime, which survives thanks to mass surveillance and a high level of gaslighting. The main character, Winston, works in the Ministry of Truth. His job is to rewrite information so it always serves the interests of the Party, whose face is the Big Brother. When he meets Julia, his life becomes even more in danger.

Other book I highly enjoyed reading was Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb. The last instalment in The Farseer Trilogy continues to focus on Fitz, a royal bastard whom we first meet as a child. Although the pacing is not always perfect, this is an overall immersive and gripping read about the difference between duty and greed for power. The ending of the series is satisfying and exciting.

It took me a while to decide to watch Bridgerton on Netflix. For some reason, I believed that I was not going to enjoy it. But I did! Based on the book series by Julia Quinn, which I haven’t read, it is set in London in the Regency Era, a time when young ladies were presented to Court in the hope of finding a husband. I particularly enjoyed the first half of the series. The interactions between the two protagonists are amusing.

Last month, Italy’s Eurovision entry, Zitti E Buoni by the band Maneskin, appeared on my YouTube recommendations. I listened to it and am now addicted. I don’t think I had ever heard a rock song sang in Italian before, but it sounds amazing. I hope they win! I also ended up discovering that “testa” in Italian means head (though that is not the exact meaning in the lyrics), while in Portuguese it means forehead. I love these differences between romance languages.

I also read many great blog posts from which I’ll highlight two reviews. Cathy wrote an interesting review about the memoir Thin Places by Kerri ní Dochartaigh, which explores the challenges of growing up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. The book Amalia reviewed, Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 by Cho Nam-Joo, focuses on a completely different issue, endemic misogyny, but it doesn’t sound less remarkable.

In January, I spent a significant amount of time exploring Miranda Mills’s YouTube channel. I particularly loved watching the videos where she bakes and discusses books with her mother. They seem so lovely!

These are my favourites from the first three months of 2021! Which are yours? Tell me in the comments!


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