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It doesn’t matter when you decided to start sharing your passion about reading books with other people through a blog, it may have been months or years ago, the time will surely come when you will find it difficult to come up with new ideas for posts. The struggle is real and you’re not alone!

Recently, I’ve been trying hard to find new topics on books to write about. After staring at my shelves for hours (mandatory online hyperbole!) seeking inspiration, I decided to scroll through my blog to recall what I’ve written about so far. I can’t say that I was successful in having brilliant new ideas, but I came up with a list of possible types of content for those who are also on the lookout for things to write about.


Book reviews

If you decided to start a blog about books, it’s a given that you like sharing your opinions about them. Book reviews are the most obvious way to do so in a comprehensive manner. We use them to convey our feelings about the plot, characters, writing style, the pacing, the quality of the dialogue. Some decide to give books a star rating, while others do not. It’s also up to you whether you review all of the books that you read or just only the ones that you enjoyed. I personally write (and read) what can be considered negative reviews, but many bloggers do not.


Lists of books

The various books that you have on your shelves certainly have some elements in common. Many of them possibly focus on similar themes, are some of the shortest or longest you’ve ever read, may have been banned in some countries at various points in time, or have given you a headache when it came to decide on a rating. You can create a list based on a variety of topics, while writing a couple of lines about each of the books you’ve chosen for it.



After many years of eagerly reading books, not only do we have various books that we keep on recommending to everyone, but we also have a myriad of favourites connected with the stories they tell. These can be favourite protagonists, supporting characters, book genres, opening lines, book settings… Share your love for them with other readers!


Posts about book covers

Although books are unforgettable thanks to the words within, many of us love beautiful covers. There are various posts that we can write about them. Not only can we show off our favourite covers, but we can also share with other readers the most beautiful collections of books that we own, come up with a list of books based on the colours of their covers, list all the books we have from a particular collection, such as the Penguin English Library, or draw comparisons between book covers.


Bookish discussions

Sometimes we just feel like having a good old rant. A blog is the appropriate place to write about our (occasionally chaotic) opinions on various bookish issues. For example, I’ve rambled about book ratings, rereading, the prices of books, my convoluted relationship with graphic novels, and how genre fiction is as significant as literary fiction.


Annual posts

There are posts about books that we can write once every single year. I’ve never lacked ideas during January! It’s the perfect time to share with other readers our favourite (and least favourite) books from the previous year, evaluate whether we fulfilled our resolutions, and set goals for the new year.


Book hauls

Whether we buy our own books, receive some from the publishers, or are passionate users of our local libraries, we can always share our most recent acquisitions on our blog. It’s a good opportunity not to share our opinions on them, as we haven’t read them yet, but to talk about our expectations.


Reading plans

We have all, at least once, come up with a reading plan (if we stuck to it is another story). While some readers decide on which books they are going to read each month ahead of time, others pick specific books to read according with the seasons. If you are one of those readers, you can share your monthly or seasonal to-be-read piles on your blog. But we can also write about other reading plans that are not as limited in time. Which huge books do you have on your wish list? Do you plan to read the entire back catalogue of an author? Which book series do you want to read in the future?


Books soon to be released

I don’t tend to pay much attention to release dates of books, because I much prefer reading paperback editions. By the time I pick up a book, many bloggers have already read it and reviewed it, and there’s nothing wrong with that, as books don’t have an expiry date. But, if you are interested in discovering which books are soon to be released, why not search on publishers’ websites and share that information on your blog? Alternatively, you can also write about the books that you are waiting to be released in paperback.


Posts showing off your bookshelves

For a long while, I thought that bookshelf tours were only appropriate for YouTube channels. But then I saw another blogger doing one through photography and decided to publish a similar post myself. If you don’t want to take photos of your shelves, you can also write about how you organise your books.


Book tags

There are many creative people out there who always come up with interesting book tags (a set of questions about various book-related topics that the creator expects other people to answer). I don’t tend to do tags very often, because, for some reason, I struggle to have answers for the questions. But if you never forget about the books you have read, this may be the type of content you will enjoy writing.


Posts on TV/ Film adaptations

Sometimes I feel that some readers are too critical of TV or film adaptations of books, because they want every plot point of the original work to be given screen time. However, most readers seem to enjoy watching adaptations. They can be the source of inspiration for various posts – favourite adaptations, adaptations you watched despite not having read the books, or what you expect from an adaptation, for example.


Posts based on Goodreads

I decided to only use Goodreads as a tool to track my reading and ratings. I don’t review books there. However, I’ve used it as a source of inspiration for blog posts a couple of times, since it provides the possibility of knowing what other readers think about the books we’ve read. It’s possible to discover which high-rated books we didn’t like or which low-rated books we enjoyed.


Thematic blog posts

Is there a subject you love reading about? You can write a post explaining how certain themes or elements were explored in many of the books that you have read. I’ve come to realise that many authors have written about characters who are orphans, for example. If there’s a city you love books to be set in, you can also compare how it is described in different ones.


Posts shining a light on the authors

Without talented authors, we wouldn’t have amazing books to read. They can be the protagonists in our blog posts. We can list the authors whom we want to read more books by, share who are our most-owned and read authors, or write more in depth about the work of an author we tend to enjoy.


Posts about bookish places

Bookshops, libraries and institutions about the life of authors are all places readers usually enjoy visiting. Some certainly deserve to be better known. We can publish posts describing the bookish locations we visited and recall our experiences. If you like taking photos, add as many of them as you like.


Posts explaining how you run your blog

There aren’t mandatory rules to blogging. We all have our preferences. However, it’s interesting to know how other bloggers decide to manage their blogs, how they write their book reviews, or what are their thoughts on star ratings.


What types of posts do you write for your blog? Are there any topics you would like me to write about in the future? Tell me in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Book Blog Post Ideas

  1. Isobel Necessary says:

    Oooh, I love this post – lots of inspiration for those starting out or looking for something fresh. My blog isn’t so much a book blog as a literature blog, so while I do write reviews and make themed book recommendations, I also take a more academic approach, write mini essays applying literary theory to my recent reads, or exploring the ideas found in these texts. Another success has been poetry commentaries, where I pick a poem I enjoyed and explain it a bit for readers. I started reading poetry for pleasure a few years back, and I really want to make it accessible for readers who might not be so confident reading poems.

    Liked by 1 person

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