The In or Out Book Tag

I haven’t finished as many books during the second half of the year as I was hoping for, mainly because I DNFed a couple that I had spent weeks reading to no avail. For that reason, I have written fewer reviews than I was expecting to. As I still want to publish six posts every month, I have been trying my hardest to come up with ideas for other types of bookish content.

When I was close to decide not to write a post today, I remembered seeing the “In or Out Book Tag” on Fatma’s blog, The Book Place. Originally created by Rick MacDonnell on YouTube, it’s about our likes and dislikes regarding tropes, general characteristics of books, and reading habits. Although I’m terrible at coming up with answers for book tags, I thought it would be interesting to do this one.


  1. Reading the Last Page First

Out! Why do people do this? I can’t fathom why someone would want to know the ending of a book without having yet discovered what it truly is about or been properly introduced to the characters.


  1. Enemies to Lovers

Out. Enemies turning lovers sounds too cheesy for me generally-speaking. I wouldn’t dislike a book just because it featured this plot point, though. If it served an interesting purpose in the story and the characters were fleshed out, I could still like the book.


  1. Dream Sequences

In. I have nothing against dream sequences, they can be helpful to better understand some characters. Just don’t end a book with a “it was all a dream”, please!


  1. Love Triangles

Out. My opinion on love triangles is very much the same as the one on enemies to lovers.


  1. Cracked Spines

Out. I’m very careful with my books, particularly the ones I’m loving. I don’t want to ruin them. I want to have that specific edition on my shelves for ever.


  1. Back to My Small Town

Out / In. I don’t have an opinion on this topic to be honest. It doesn’t sound hugely appealing, but it’s not off-putting either.


  1. Monsters Are Regular People

In / Out. I don’t think I have ever read a book where monsters end up being regular people in the literal sense and am not sure if I would enjoy that premise. In a more metaphorical way, as in knowing the back story of a seemingly horrible character, I think it can ultimately be interesting.


  1. No Paragraph Breaks

Out. I don’t mind long paragraphs, but they need to have breaks at some point.


  1. Multi-Generational Sagas

Out. It’s not that I dislike multi-generational sagas, but I wouldn’t pick one up at present.


  1. Re-Reading

In. I’m not a massive re-reader. However, I’ve been slowly rereading some of my old favourite books and loving doing so. It feels like going back home after a long time away.


  1. Artificial Intelligence

In. I have some books on my wish list focusing on artificial intelligence, but I’m not sure when I’ll decide to read them. It’s not a topic I’m tremendously excited about, despite being intrigued.


  1. Drop Caps

In. Drop caps look nice on the page. Books should feature them more often.


  1. Happy Endings

In. As long as they suit the story, I like both happy endings, sad endings, bittersweet endings…


  1. Plot Points That Only Converge at the End

In. Such books can be intriguing and mysterious.


  1. Detailed Magic Systems

In. As long as the plot and the characters are well developed and the information conveyed is well integrated within the story, not being a mere list, a detailed magic system can aid the creation of a believable fictional world.


  1. Classic Fantasy Races

In. I have not much more to add. Trolls, dwarfs and so on are fine.


  1. Unreliable Narrators

In. Though I haven’t read many books featuring unreliable narrators, I enjoyed the ones that I did.


  1. Evil Protagonists

In. If they are well developed and not caricatures, evil protagonists can make for a fascinating story.


  1. The Chosen One

In. I know the trope of the chosen one is one of the most overused ever. But it can still feel fresh when it is turned on its head, when the chosen one’s role is not the one that readers expect.


  1. When the Protagonist Dies

In. Protagonists should die more often! I’m serious. It hardly ever happens, and I think it could be appropriate for some stories.


  1. Really Long Chapters

Out. My favourite chapters are medium-sized ones. When a chapter is excessively long, it can be exasperating.


  1. French Flaps

In. I love French flaps!


  1. Deckled Edges

Out. I don’t hate them, but I’m not a fan either.


  1. Signed Copies by the Author

In. I have none, though.


  1. Dog-Earing Pages

Out. I have enough bookmarks to last me for a lifetime and, if I want to highlight a specific page, I use a marker.


  1. Chapter Titles Instead of Numbers

In. I would like it to be a more predominant feature, in fact.


What about you? What are your likes and dislikes about books? Tell me in the comments!


3 thoughts on “The In or Out Book Tag

  1. Hannah says:

    What a fun tag, I might do this in a future post! I am with you on re-reading, I absolutely love to go back and read my favorites again and again 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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