Quarterly Favourites – October to December 2021

2022 is already underway. Nevertheless, I still want to share with you my favourites from the last quarter of 2021. They include a book, a TV series, a film, a piece of clothing and content created by bookish people.

The book that stood out the most from the few I read during the last three months was Piranesi by Susanna Clarke, which won’t come as a surprise for those of you who have read the post about my favourite books of 2021. Via a mysterious, eccentric and haunting tale, Susanna Clarke enchantingly explored how some people deal with traumatic experiences, how memories influence our perceptions of ourselves, and how we define where home is. The main character, Piranesi, lives in an immeasurable house surrounded by the sea. Two times a week, he meets the Other to examine their efforts to discover an unknown knowledge.

I watched three TV shows, I think, in the last quarter. My favourite was Squid Game, a South Korean drama on Netflix, which I’m sure you have all heard about by now. It’s about a group of people who risk their lives playing children’s games to win a large amount of money, because they are highly in debt. As it’s extremely violent, not everyone is going to appreciate it. However, the way it explores the backstories of the characters makes it compelling.

Although I didn’t watch many films, there was one I enjoyed immensely. The Dig stars Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes, who are both amazing in their roles, and is set in 1939 on the eve of the Second World War. We learn what happened when Edith Pretty hired a self-taught excavator to tackle the burial mounds in her rural estate.

From the great bookish content that I read and watched from October until December of last year, I want to highlight a blog post and two YouTube videos. Cathy from 746books.com wrote a great review of Small Things like These by Claire Keegan that made me want to read it whenever it is released in paperback. I also loved Miranda Mills’s video “Touring London Bookshops | A Letter from London”. It’s such a great idea to narrate a video as if it were a letter to a friend, and it having London as a subject is a huge plus. Simon from SavidgeReads also had a fantastic idea when he decided to choose reading prompts for his mother for 2022 and having her do the same for him.

Another recent favourite is my new red winter coat, which my mum made for me as a Christmas gift. It’s so pretty!








I’ve recently been pondering whether I want to continue to write about my favourites from my various interests on a regular basis throughout the year or not. I started doing so back in 2018, at first once every month, but I feel that I’ve been growing tired of writing this type of posts. Do you enjoy reading them? What are your favourites from the last quarter of 2021? Tell me in the comments!


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