2022 Bookish Resolutions’ Evaluation

Let’s get straight to the point. After having failed to achieve almost all of my goals for the blog and reading in general in 2021, the same happened this year. My resolutions weren’t even particularly challenging, but life just got in the way and I’ve only been reading for short periods of time each day. Will this affect the way I think about declarations of intentions in any way?

At the beginning of the year, I was convinced that I would be able to read 35 books. I was planning to read only short books during the summer after all. That didn’t happen, though. In fact, I’ve only read in their entirety 22 books for pure enjoyment so far and, although I may still finish another one tomorrow, I won’t get even close to my reading goal. At best I will have read fewer 12 books than I was expecting to. A number higher than in any other year.

My second resolution was to take part in more reading challenges and initiatives. I did participate in the four I was hoping to (Daphne du Maurier Reading Week, Reading Ireland Month, Women in Translation Month and 20 Books of Summer), having had varying degrees of success.

A goal I was very keen on succeeding in was reading three books by José Saramago during November to celebrate the centenary of his birth. Can you guess how many I read? None! There are two reasons why that happened, both related with terrible time management. Not only did I fail to order the books in time for them to arrive before November, but I also then started reading the massive Ship of Destiny by Robin Hobb near the end of October, which meant I didn’t have time to pick up at least one by Saramago before the end of the year (I only like reading one book at a time).

Another resolution I massively failed at was writing at least six blog posts every month. I started well. However, everything started going downhill in the third month of 2022. I only wrote five posts in March, April, May and September, four in June, August, November and December, and three in October.

Lastly, I wanted to comment more on the content of other bloggers and creators on Instagram and YouTube. Although this is difficult to assess, I don’t think I commented more than in previous years, particularly during the second half of the year. I’m amazing at liking posts, though!

If in previous years I was not bothered when I didn’t achieve my goals, this year it left me disappointed. So, I decided that I won’t be writing posts about my bookish resolutions anymore, having fixed annual goals is not working for me after all, and neither am I going to set a number of books to read during the year. Moreover, starting next week, I will start publishing on the blog on Wednesdays only, instead of Tuesdays and / or Fridays. I won’t promise to write every single week, though. I want my reading experience to be as relaxed as possible.

Did you have bookish resolutions for 2022? Have you fulfilled them? Tell me in the comments!


2 thoughts on “2022 Bookish Resolutions’ Evaluation

  1. MarinaSofia says:

    Oh, no, don’t get disheartened about not meeting your expectations and fulfilling your New Year’s resolutions. I like FictionFan’s attitude to it – she sets herself goals knowing full well that she is likely to not reach them, but simply so that there is a bit of purpose to her reading throughout the year.

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    • Susana says:

      I still have some ideas for things I would like to do! But I feel that if I just don’t think about them as goals and just keep them to myself, I will feel much better when I don’t do them or change my mind throughout the year.


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