Welcome to “A Bag Full of Stories”!

My name is Susana. On this little corner of the Internet, I share my love for stories, books and reading. Visit once in a while to find book reviews, author spotlights, musings on my favourite books, authors and subjects I like to read about, as well as other bookish content.

I read different types of books, mainly fiction. My shelves are becoming filled with pages and pages of literary fiction, classics, fantasy, adventure, historical fiction, horror, mysteries and dystopian novels. On the other hand, I tend to avoid graphic novels (never really liked reading inside speech balloons) and books mainly focused on cheesy love stories. Although I like a compelling love story, the book has to have more to offer than that.

As I am Portuguese, some of the books mentioned and reviewed here are by authors from Portuguese-speaking countries. However, I try, whenever possible, to find out if there is an English translation of such books and the respective title.

For my book reviews, I use the following ratings:
1 star – Hate it
2 stars – Don’t like it
3 stars – It’s okay
4 stars – Like it
5 stars – Love it