2018 Bookish Resolutions’ Evaluation

I had six bookish resolutions for 2018. And I can proudly announce that I’ve managed to fulfil the majority of them! In fact, I’ve only failed to accomplish one of my goals, despite not having done as well as I was expecting to regarding another one.

My main ambition last year was to read one book by an author from each of the still 28 EU member states. I called this project ‘EU still 28’ and completed it before the end of December. I read some truly good books and discovered several authors whose work I want to continue delving into. I don’t regret doing it at all! However, I have to concede that having a relatively long list of books set to read during one year was too restricting, and it was really difficult to find books that immediately appealed to me to represent some countries. Thus, I ended up reading a couple of books that I would have never picked up otherwise and that I didn’t like that much.

I had hoped to read 35 books during 2018. I surpassed that number, having read a total of 39 books! A small number for many of you, but one that I’m really proud of. I also started reading two books that I ended up not finishing, so they don’t count for this purpose. Continue reading

2018 Mid-Year Resolutions’ Evaluation

We are now midway through 2018, hence it’s the perfect time to examine whether I’m fulfilling my bookish resolutions or not. In all honesty, I could only recollect two of the goals I had set myself, so I had to reread the blog post where I revealed them. One of the reasons why I couldn’t remember all of my resolutions was that I’ve been following the majority of them almost instinctively.

My prime resolution for 2018 was to read one book by an author from each of the still 28 EU member states. I called this reading project ‘EU still 28’. You can know more about it at its dedicated page. So far, I’ve read 12 out of the 28 books on my previously established list. I’m not halfway through yet, but since I’ve read a few books aside from this project, I’m confident that I can still complete it before the year comes to an end.

At the beginning of the year, I hoped to read 35 books in 2018. Thus far, I’ve read 18 and am almost finishing another. So, I’m pretty sure I’ll manage to comply with my reading challenge and may even surpass it. Continue reading