Books to Gift Reluctant Readers This Christmas

Readers love sharing their passion for books with other people. But what if your loved ones, be they friends or family members, are not massive readers? Can you still gift them books for Christmas? If they truly hate reading, the answer is probably no. However, if they are just not overly enthusiastic about the act of sitting down and read for a while, there is probably still a chance that they may not loathe receiving a book as a gift. Possibly, that book may even make them pick up other books in the future.

This post is not a list of specific books that I recommend to reluctant readers. Although I mention a couple of titles (the majority of which I haven’t read myself) as examples, I’ve just mainly decided to share with you some ideas about the types of books that unenthusiastic readers may be more willing to pick up, depending on their interests.


Companion books for TV series and films

Those who are huge fans of certain TV series or films may like knowing more about their production. Luckily for them, there are various books that focus on the behind the scenes of various shows and blockbusters. If they like Game of Thrones, for example, there are various books about the making of the show – Game of Thrones: The Costumes by Michele Clapton with Gina McIntyre, The Art of Game of Thrones – The Official Book of Design from Season 1 to Season 8 by Deborah Riley with Jody Revenson, or Game of Thrones: A Guide to Westeros and Beyond by Miles McNutt. I don’t own any of these books, but they look stunning! There are also various such books about the Harry Potter films, for instance. Continue reading