A Photographic Bookshelf Tour

Bookshelf tours are some of my favourite videos to watch on YouTube, since I like knowing how other readers organise their shelves and what books they keep on them. Until recently, I thought that this type of content wasn’t really appropriate for a blog. Last month, however, I discovered Meg’s blog, The Bookish Linguist, and on it I found a post where she shared photos of her bookshelves. I immediately decided to do something similar!

My shelves are not meticulously organised. I do have two basic rules that I always stick to, though. Not only do I keep unread books apart from the ones that I’ve already read, but I also always place read books by the same author next to each other. Moreover, I try to keep books from the same collection together, whenever this doesn’t go against my main rules. I also decided not to keep all the books that I’ve read. I always keep books that I’ve rated with either five or four stars. Occasionally, I also find a place for some three-star reads, especially when they are part of a collection or feature a specific noteworthy element.

I’ve already read almost all of the books that I own, as since last year I’ve been trying to only buy books as I read them. It helps me to never stop being interested in reading the books that I own. Continue reading

Books I Keep on My Shelves

Almost every book lover has to face a serious problem: to make room for all the books that we own! At the moment, I haven’t got enough space for more than two small bookcases, so I really can’t keep all the books that I read and buy. This wasn’t always the case, though. Not so long ago, I was able to keep all the books that I read, even the ones that I didn’t particularly enjoy. Not wanting to keep all the books that I read is not only a question of space, though. I really don’t feel that need anymore, since I now have various ways to keep track of both the books that I’ve already read and my thoughts on them (this blog, my Goodreads account, etc.).

Until recently, I’ve followed one straightforward rule when it came to decide which books to keep – if I rated them as either a 3, 4 or 5-stars read, they deserved a place on my bookshelves. But as I’ve been reading more books than ever before, I no longer have the space to keep all the books to which I awarded a positive rating. For a long time, I also kept various books that I had read as a teenager. But last year I donated the majority of them to my local library. The reason behind that decision was that I would never read them again.

To be honest, I haven’t reread a book in a really long time, but that doesn’t mean I won’t reread books in the future. Nevertheless, there are books that I’m pretty sure I will never reread, since I didn’t like them enough to want to delve into them again. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that those books are not only the ones that I read when I was much younger or that I gave 1 or 2 stars to, but also some of those which were 3-star reads. Continue reading

Bookshelves Organisation

There was a time when I didn’t pay any attention to the way I kept books on my shelves. I just put them one after the other as I acquired them, took them off to read and put them back up again wherever there was space available. However, as their numbers kept on increasing, I established a set of rules in order to achieve some kind of organisation, which is not perfect yet, but it was the best that I could do with the little space I had and still have to store books.

The first rule I follow is to keep read and non-read books apart. This way, I am always sure about which books I still have to read. While I just keep my non-read books on a pile at random, my read books are more neatly organised. My golden rule is to always keep books written by the same author together. Then, I always keep books from a series (like Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, etc.) next to each other and in the order in which they were published. Finally, I try to keep books from the same collection together, but only when this complies with the other previous rules. This is quite easy to achieve, for example, with book editions from the Penguin English Library collection.

Although for now I am pleased with the way I organise my books, in the future I would like to be able to arrange them in a more meticulous way. But for that I would have to have more bookshelves and more space available. Three goals come to my mind for a future organisation of my bookshelves: separate fiction from non-fiction; have some shelves just to keep classics; and possibly keep books focusing on the same subjects or of the same genre together, but always taking into consideration my golden rule. Continue reading