Recent Favourite Book Bloggers and BookTubers

Thankfully, there are a great number of people creating fantastic content online about books, although my bank account may not be as enthusiastic about this as I am. I’ve already mentioned some of them on two previous posts titled ‘Some of My Favourite Book Bloggers and BookTubers’ and ‘More Favourite Book Bloggers and BookTubers’. Today I introduce you to four other favourites of mine. This time I’m focusing on those that I’ve discovered more recently.


Book Bloggers:

Rachel – What Rachel Did

Rachel creates a variety of content about books, including reviews, tags and wrap-ups. But she also writes about her travels on a feature appropriately titled ‘Travel Tuesdays’. I really appreciate this mix of content, after all reading feels somewhat like travelling, as by doing so we discover new realities and worlds.


Jay – A Nook & A Storybook

I quite like Jay’s in-depth book reviews. I always feel like I know if I’m going to enjoy a book or not after reading them, since he usually mentions what he did and didn’t like about a specific book. Continue reading

More Favourite Book Bloggers and BookTubers

Some months ago, I revealed some of my favourite Book Bloggers and BookTubers, but that list didn’t cover all the ones I like the most (and neither will this one). So, welcome to the second instalment of the people who help me fill my room with books which are a joy to behold and read.


Book Bloggers:

Emma – Book Around the Corner

Emma is a French blogger who writes in English and reads mostly literary and crime fiction. I’ve only recently discovered her blog, but really like reading her in-depth and thought provoking reviews.


Izzy – Thinking and Inking

Izzy is the youngest blogger I follow, but that doesn’t mean that her blog features many Young Adult novels, on the contrary. I really enjoy the tone of her reviews, which besides enlightening can also be quite funny. Continue reading

Some of My Favourite Book Bloggers and BookTubers

Book Bloggers and BookTubers are the main culprits for my continuously growing TBR pile and wish list. So, I decided to publicly display my appreciation for their good work, although they pose a serious threat to my bank account. This list is not at all exhaustive. I could have mentioned many more blogs and YouTube channels that I love and follow, but I tried to keep it short. I also plan to share some of my other favourite Book Bloggers and BookTubers in the future.


Book Bloggers:

Rosie Arscott – Rosie Reads the World

Rosie is reading a book from all 196 countries of the world and shares her reviews on her blog. I really like keeping up with her journey and discovering books I would probably never hear about otherwise. Her reviews feature quite noteworthy background information.


Ashleigh – Ashleigh’s Bookshelf

Ashleigh is quite an eclectic reader. She sometimes mentions books I’ve never heard of before and always makes good recommendations on classics. Continue reading