‘Census’ by Panos Ioannides

My rating: 3 stars

Unmistakably inspired by the nativity of Jesus, Census by the Cypriot writer Panos Ioannides features various elements from Christian mythology. As the story evolves, it gets progressively more metaphysical. The realistic fiction characteristics of the first part of the book are swapped for too many magical realism elements, and, in consequence, almost all of the characters stop feeling authentic. They start being portrayed as symbols of a theoretical message.

Joseph and Maria Akritas, the main characters in this story, were travelling by car to Spilia when they saw a young man carrying a backpack and a guitar. He was called Michael and was from Patmos. They decided to give him a lift, seeing that they were all heading to the same village. He was going to stay with two friends, the Archangielsks, who were doing some restoration work in a local chapel. Maria seemed to be entranced by him.

When Joseph and Maria arrived at the house they always stayed in while in the village to rest for a few days, their host, Avgi, wasn’t there. She left a note saying that she had to leave in a hurry and didn’t know how long she was going to be away for. The house was at their disposal, though. They were already acquainted with many of the inhabitants and received various visitors. But the most interesting facet of the book is to gradually uncover the reasons behind the tribulations of Maria’s and Joseph’s relationship. Continue reading

Book Haul – November 2018

I was unsure about whether to publish a book haul today or not, seeing that I’ve only bought four books this month and, although I ordered them more than two weeks ago, haven’t even received one of them. However, as I don’t plan to buy any more books this year, I decided to share them with you now anyway. All the books that I bought are for the ‘EU still 28’ reading project, and I really want to read them until the end of the year, which is fast approaching.


Census by Panos Ioannides

I have already started and am almost finishing reading this book by the Cypriot writer Panos Ioannides. Inspired by the Nativity of Jesus, it has as main characters Joseph and Maria Akritas, who decided to spend some time away at a small village. On their way there they met Michael, and their lives became even more complicated. I will share my thoughts on it soon.


High Tide by Inga Abele

Ieva is the main character in this novel, which is told in reverse chronological order. It spans three decades and delves into her relationships with her dead lover and her imprisoned husband. Besides it being a kind of psychological mystery, I know nothing more about it. Continue reading