Do I Still Want to Read the Books on My Wish List?

When it comes to adding books to my wish list, I can be extremely impulsive. I sometimes do it only because I read a positive review and the plot sounds vaguely appealing. The problem is that what readers consider to be a gripping plot or an outstanding writing style is not always the same. This later has an impact on my reading experience, as I end up picking up books that others loved but that were not the best fit for me, something that I could have avoided if I had done a more in-depth research before buying certain books.

Since I’ve recently been DNFing many books, I decided to go through my wish list on Goodreads (which doesn’t solely consist of the books that I have on my physical to-be-read pile anymore but all of the ones I hope to read in the future) and ponder if I really want to read them. Result: I removed various books from it, some just after reading the blurb again and others after reading a couple of initial pages available for preview online. I’ve also decided not to read books that feature certain elements that I’m not a massive fan of.

I assume this is a normal action for various readers. So, why am I writing this post? There are various posts in this blog about books that I was planning to read and it bothers me to have written them and then deciding not to read some of those books after all without mentioning it. Is this ridiculous? Very likely! Nevertheless, not only have I decided to write a post about all the books I removed from my wish list based on four main reasons, but I’m also inclined towards avoiding writing further posts about the books I may possibly read in the future, as for me that feels too much like a commitment. Continue reading


Books Waiting Too Long to Be Read

I always try to keep my TBR pile under control. Thus, I generally read the majority of the books that I buy in the subsequent months. Occasionally, however, some of them are left waiting as I decide to pick up newer additions to my shelves. I’ve recently realised that there are five books on my shelves waiting to be read since 2017. I’m still interested in reading almost all of them, but my enthusiasm has waned since then.


The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith

I bought this book back in January 2017, I believe, but for reasons unknown never got around to reading it. This is a crime novel written by J.K. Rowling under a pseudonym. Private detective Cormoran Strike investigates the apparent suicide of a troubled model. This will be the year that I’ll finally read it!


Vozes do Vento by Maria Isabel Barreno

This book by the Portuguese writer Maria Isabel Barreno is the one that I’m least eager to pick up. I read about four pages soon after buying it, but as I couldn’t get into it I decided to put it down and give it another try in the future. It is a family colonial saga set in Cape Verde. Continue reading