‘The Mine’ by Antti Tuomainen

My rating: 4 stars

The Mine by Antti Tuomainen is from the outset an environmental crime mystery, but as the story progresses it starts to shine brighter because of its examination on family bonds and relationships. Throughout the book, various characters have to come to terms with their pasts and decide what they want to do with their lives. Trying to achieve a balance between professional and personal life was proving to be particularly challenging for the main character, Janne Vuori.

A 30-year-old reporter at the newspaper Helsinki Today, Janne received an anonymous email about the nickel mine at Suomalahti in northern Finland. It said that the company was engaged in dangerous activities that could lead to an environmental catastrophe. Intrigued, he decided to go there and investigate the issue. The population of the town nearby the complex had only positive things to say about the mine. Janne believed there had to be something wrong, though, seeing that Finn Mining Ltd had bought the rights to the site for a mere two euros. He just didn’t know what it was yet. Unable to find anything useful near the nickel mine, he returned to Helsinki.

He didn’t give up the investigation, nevertheless. He managed to speak with Harjukangas, whom he thought was still part of the board of directors. She told him that the man who used to be the director of finance and investment had died in an accident at home. Later, at his newspaper, he was told that another journalist had also begun to delve into a story about the Finn Mining Ltd, but he died in a traffic accident. Continue reading

Book Haul – September / October 2018

We are less than three months away from the end of the year, and I still have quite a few books left to read in order to complete my ‘EU still 28’ reading project. Last month, I realised that I needed to buy some more of the books on my predetermined list. I obviously also took the opportunity to order a couple of other ones in preparation for winter, although I’m not normally a seasonal reader. Every excuse is a good one when it comes to justify buying books, though!

Below are the nine newest additions to my shelves:


Tula by Jurgis Kuncinas

Written by the Lithuanian author Jurgis Kuncinas, Tula takes place in a poor neighbourhood in Vilnius. The narrator dwells on the fringes of society and meets other various curious inhabitants of the same area. I don’t know much more about this book, which I believe also involves a love story. Continue reading