Books I Won’t Read After All

There are books which, at first, I’m certain that I want to read but that over time I end up losing interest in for a variety of reasons. Most of them I’ve never mentioned on this blog. Some I have, however, and it feels strange when I choose not to read them afterwards. For that reason, I decided to write a post about the books that I said that I was going to read a while back but that I won’t after all.


Murder on Christmas Eve: Classic Mysteries for the Festive Season

This book features ten classic murder mysteries by various authors. I mentioned it on a post I wrote more than a year and a half ago titled ‘Christmassy Books on My Wish List’. Since then I’ve read a couple of reviews that fully waned my desire to read it.


Sleeping Giants by Slyvain Neuvel

The main focus of this novel, the first in a series, is on the mystery surrounding a bizarre artefact. The physicist Rose Franklin is leading a team to secretly understand the code of a giant metal hand. The story is told through interviews, journal entries, transcripts and news articles. At first, I considered this type of storytelling fascinating. But I’m not that interested in it anymore. I said that I wanted to read it on a post about the book series that I had on my wish list. Continue reading


2018 Releases I Want to Read… Next Year

I usually don’t attempt to read books around the time of their release date. The main reason for that is that I much prefer paperback editions to hardbacks. They are much easier to carry around and don’t have exasperating, slippery dust jackets. But I also don’t tend to read brand new releases, because I don’t feel the need to rush, unless I have been waiting for a particular book for a long time. That can happen, for example, with the next instalment in a book series. In Portugal, books are usually only released in paperback, nonetheless I hardly ever buy them at the time of their release.

However, some of the books that were released this year really caught my attention and, thus, I want to read them sooner rather than later. Soon will have to be next year, though, seeing that I probably won’t have the time to read them until December, as I still have quite a few books left to read for the ‘EU still 28’ project. Also, some of these books will be released in paperback at the beginning of next year, and I feel that I can wait until then and own the edition I fancy the most.

The five books I have in mind are: Continue reading