Reducing the Number of Books on My Wish List

One of the results of following so many great bloggers and BookTubers is that I keep adding new books to my wish list. I’ve recently created a Goodreads account (yes, it took me quite a while) and decided to only add books I own but haven’t read yet to my “want to read” shelf. Therefore, I’ll continue to take advantage of Amazon lists to keep up with all the books that caught my attention and that I want to read in the future, as I’ve been doing for years, regardless if I end up ordering the books from there or not.

The number of books on my wish list grew a bit out of control, though. So, I decided to take a closer look at it in order to assess if I still yearned to read all those books. After spending almost two hours scrolling through it and reading many blurbs, I realised that I didn’t even remember why I had added some of them to my wish list in the first place.

I had around 560 books on the list before going over it, and have to admit feeling relieved after removing 94 which I didn’t feel like reading any longer. Nevertheless, I’m listing them below so, if some of them are among your favourite books of all time, you can convince me to read them after all. Continue reading