Monthly Favourites – August 2018

I seem to have run out of ideas for sentences to introduce my monthly favourites. So, let’s get to what matters. From August I want to highlight a book, a TV series, a music album and a beauty product.

Let’s start with my favourite book of the month. It’s The Glorious Heresies by Lisa McInerney. I haven’t reviewed it yet, since I’ve only finished it today at lunch time. It centres around the life of five characters, whose paths cross after Maureen unintentionally kills a man. Ryan is probably the character who stands out the most, but nearly all of them are complex and feel real. There are also various instances of social criticism, which helps to paint a picture about the darkest sides of Cork, where the story takes place. I’ll publish a more thorough review of the book next week to better explain what I liked about it and the small misgivings I had while reading.

At the beginning of the month, I started watching the TV series Victoria and really enjoyed it. I had been meaning to watch it for quite a while, but I always ended up starting other series instead. For whatever reason, I wrongly thought that the third season was going to start in September. So, I watched the first two seasons in less than two weeks, which was a mistake, as I’ll now have to wait various months for new episodes. I have no idea how faithful it is to real events, since I didn’t know much about this monarch beforehand. However, I found it quite entertaining and engrossing.

At mid-August, it was released the latest and third album by Miles Kane, Coup De Grace, and I have been listening to it almost every day since. There were no surprises regarding the type of sound, it’s indie rock with plenty of guitars and drums. Is it too obvious that I don’t know how to review music? My favourite song from the album is Cry on My Guitar.

Finally, I have a beauty product to share with you. I always used to buy the body butters from The Body Shop to moisturise my skin. But this month I tried their new Body Yogurts and am in love. I have two of them in different scents, almond milk and banana, and can’t decide which one I like the most. They are more lightweight and so absorb much more easily, which is fantastic as I used to struggle to put my jeans on.

These are my favourites from August! Which are yours? Tell me in the comments!


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