Monthly Favourites – April 2019

I’m generally able to be brief and concise when the time comes to reveal my monthly favourites. But I don’t believe that will be the case today. Although I read a couple of good books, my reading month wasn’t exceptional by any means. I’m even on the verge of a reading slump. However, I have many opinions to share about my favourite TV show of this month. I’m going leave that to the very end, because (also unusually) spoilers will abound then!

Seeing that this is overall a book blog, I’ll start by mentioning my favourite book from the ones that I read in April – Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. Ursula Todd, the main character, wasn’t born only once. She had various opportunities to live. So, the reader is presented with various possible stories about her life, because even a small change in a previous event can make a difference. Ursula’s lives are not all equally gripping. Nevertheless, this novel is full of vivid scenes and heart-breaking moments. It also paints a picture of the first half of the 20th century in Europe.

Music-wise, I loved listening to ‘Gold’ by Band of Skulls, my favourite song from their latest album Love Is All You Love. But I also listened on repeat to the hauntingly beautiful ‘Jenny of Oldstones’ by Florence + The Machine, a song they recorded for Game of Thrones.

Speaking of Game of Thrones, as you may have guessed, it is my favourite TV show this month, particularly the second and the third episodes. I loved all the interactions between the characters in the second one, and was shattered after watching the huge battle in the third. It truly felt like being there. The camera work and the score were fantastic. I now want to delve into ‘The Long Night’ in more detail, so if you haven’t watched the latest episode of the final season, don’t read the following paragraphs. Spoilers ahead!

Many have been criticising it, because Arya was the one killing the Night King and it seemed too easy. I disagree! Easy? The battle was a carnage, although none of the main characters ended up dying. Let’s be real, there are three episodes left and the writers couldn’t have just killed them all. I wasn’t expecting Arya to be the one doing the deed, to be honest. I always thought it was going to be Jon Snow, seeing that he was the one that convinced people to fight together.

However, it made perfect sense for Arya to be the one doing it. She learnt the necessary skills while training with Syrio and in the House of Black and White. She can move without being noticed and in the dark. It was unexpected but not unreasonable as some are saying. Obviously, she wouldn’t have been able to defeat him all by herself, no one would have. Other people were needed to fight the dead. The Night King’s power didn’t come from his fighting skills, but from being able to raise the dead. This is why he avoids engaging with Jon Snow on a one-on-one fight when they are both on the ground. He raises the dead instead, surrounding him. Overall, the outcome of the battle, as I see it, is the result of a team effort and not just about a single hero.

To defend Arya being the one killing the Night King, there is no need to diminish the role of the other characters. She would never have done it, if she hadn’t been saved by Beric Dondarrion, for example. If someone is wrongly criticising the decision of having Arya doing it, the proper reply is not saying that Jon Snow was useless in my opinion. First of all because he was always supportive of her, particularly when she was still a little child. Also, as I’ve previously mentioned, he was fundamental to warn people of the danger ahead and to unite them against it. Lastly, during the battle, he pursued and fought the Night King while they were on the dragons. He wasn’t just looking from above.

I could discuss Game of Thrones for hours. But I won’t, don’t worry! I’ll just add that Theon’s death had me in tears. He had a fantastic story arc. And the episode was a bit dark, true, but it had to be so the viewers could experience the same sensation as the characters. I could see what was happening well enough. I suppose people who pirated the episode struggled far more!

Which are your favourites from April? Tell me in the comments!


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